"I loved the painting when I first wandered through Artpoint - a great gallery and more folks should go there. I also collect Western Canadian folk art and my geese and pelican (from the 30's) sit below the painting. The painting is quite splendid and has a lot of depth of meaning.  I really like your use of light."

— Dr. Frits Pannekoek; President, Athabasca University. 

"Every day when I walk in my front hall I have a view of a garden that I’ve never been in. Is it a real place? Or a place that Ms. Rowe imagined – full of beauty and longing. I bought the painting when it was still wet and I remember that when I look at it, which is often. The painting is alive, the foliage fresh and green, and the path that wanders through the canvas leads my eye and heart to go inward. I not only think when I muse upon Ms. Rowe's work but I dream too."

— Cathy Ostlere, writer; Calgary, AB.

"We love the dramatic colours and your interpretation of the Porcupine Hills.  This has a great personal association for us as our ranch on this land has been part of the family history for half a century.  The painting is now part of our family heritage; it’s something the next generation will cherish!"

— Jim and Denise Calderwood, Farmer/Ranchers, Granum/Ft. McLeod, AB. 

"We are so pleased to have this painting depicting a piece of the West Coast of Canada.   Sheila, your art is forever thoughtful, diverse, warm, spiritual and full of color, much like the artist.  Our piece is so unique and occupies a space on the wall in our cabin at Lake Windermere. If the painting were to disappear from the space, our cabin would be lacking by its absence. The painting, "Cabin on Salt Spring Island," encompasses the color, richness and beauty of that area. When we look at the painting, we feel like we are there, on the island, as do our neighbours,... one neighbour even commented "I think I have been there, it seems so familiar."

Thank you for this piece Sheila, and we are ever interested in what you are painting next."

— Barb and John Mckay; Calgary, AB.

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