“The whole earth is full of His glory” (Isaiah 6:3)

It’s taken me a long time to become a painter. When I was younger and full of zeal to chart my ‘career path’, it seemed frivolous to study Fine Arts — and so I didn’t! I turned to broadcast journalism; some of you knew me in my years with CBC radio and television as Sheila Baptie.

I don’t regret my choice but a few years back, I was ready for new choices. And I knew that painting was like a spiritual homecoming. It took a few years of tentative dabbling before I broke through to the place of freedom; I painted like I was just along for the ride! I don’t land there every day but when I do, I sense that I am fulfilling my destiny.

There are many inspirations along the artist’s way. The internet alone has opened a world of stimulating dialogue about what it means to create. I came across these words from Margot Hattingh of South Africa on Robert Genn’s website:

“…I think creators, whether of words, music, visual art or movement are specially privileged. That privilege demands the price that we mirror back to the world, to remind everyone what is of real value, of real importance — the good to be celebrated and protected, the bad to be changed, and the ugly to be made beautiful.”

Take a few steps into the woods with me today.