Inspiration… Creation… Growth

Inspiration: This is the starting point of my creative process. Before I stop to analytically assess the potential of any subject matter, I have to be arrested by it! This is the inspiration that fuels the creative process. What arrests me might appear mundane to another artist – that’s the beauty and mystery of the creative process!

Creation: There are elements to good design; there are principles every artist needs to learn; there are materials and mediums to master. Beyond that is ‘the zone’; athletes, writers, artists — we all know it! It’s the place where instinct overtakes technique; where we catch the wave and marvel at where it takes us. It is the bliss that always brings us back for more!

Growth: Being an artist isn’t about arriving at a formula for making successful art. It’s about landing on one rock in the stream and then stepping to the next. It’s always an adventure – and at least some of the time, our foot has to slip and land us in the water. It’s about taking risks when we’re feeling too comfortable. It’s about opening ourselves to the influence of others who walk on paths similar but unlike our own.